Welcome to the AGi32 Interface Micro-site

This is a short description of the basic structure and functionality of the AGi32 Interface. It should be considered a prerequisite for any of the example-based micro-sites for new users.

Download a PDF map of the AGi32 interface

Model Mode

The Model Mode screen is the foundation of AGi32. It is where all of your model building, importing, luminaire placement, calculation point placement and general project organization take place. When ever you are building or modifying your project, it takes place in Model Mode. The Toolkits on the right side of the screen (by default) house all of the entity-specific commands such as room and object creation, luminaire definition and placement, and the various methods to add calculation points to your model.

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Render Mode

AGi32's Render Mode is a single click away from the Model Mode using the Mode Tabs at the top of the screen. Render mode is an interactive visualization of your model when calculated using the Full Radiosity Method (Calculate Menu). Your model must have at least one surface (Object or Room) defined in order to render. There are a variety of ways to display your renderings and any view can be saved as a Viewpoint for presentation purposes in the Reports mode.

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